Web test automation measurably accelerates software testing of web apps. Focus on creative and value-adding tasks, while QulixQA test automation team takes charge of the tedious part.


Test automation of web apps and web-based administration tasks can save your team a lot of effort, improve product reliability and reduce turnaround time.

Depending on the project, we offer either all-in-one test automation or the automation of a couple of process stages. QulixQA team uses various tools to perform web testing activities: from acquiring requirements to dealing with test management. The choice is made according to customer’s requirements and project specifics.

Tools used by QulixQA integrate with build servers, source control systems and defect management tools. Automated testing of web apps allows running test suites anytime to ensure impeccable product quality before the release.

Tools & Technologies

An undisputed leader in automating web app testing is Selenium. Though not a full-fledged test automation tool, Selenium is a convenient utility to work with a browser. This free and cross-platform product boasts a great number of features to interact with all popular browsers.

Its testing capabilities (create and run tests, test suites, reporting capabilities, and etc.) are usually implemented using third-party libraries of a specific development platform. On the one hand, this sets higher requirements to the team qualification. On the other hand, it provides more freedom in creating automated tests as a comprehensive solution.

Extensive experience of QulixQA test automation team allows us to build effective and flexible test automation solutions carefully bypassing the pitfalls of using Selenium.

Along with Selenium, a leader in test automation of web apps, you can choose from a long list of commercial products, such as: 

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